oh well see you in hell
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why is catcalling called catcalling? i like cats and i would quite like them calling me to see how i am or to make plans to meet for brunch, catcalling should be called something more accurate like asshole screeching or insecure masculinity 

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(by 落書き)
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Zarathustra the cat with his life size portrait by Claude Monet.
Artist: UnknownLana Del Rey
Title: UnknownCruel World
Album: UnknownUltraviolence
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Lindsay Lohan photographed by Rush Zimmerman, 2014.


there is nothing romantic about being a mess and flunking out of school and crying in therapist’s offices and i wish movies would stop romanticizing this kind of thing bc it’s actually very shitty

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Twin Peaks (1990) - David Lynch
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“I’d die for her. I love her so much. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s going through a lot right now. I wish I could just kiss away the pain, make it go away, stop it, kill it! If she, you know, I don’t know what I would do. I’d kill myself. I love that girl. I love her. I love her almost more than I love myself.”-
—  Johnny Depp on Winona Ryder
"Destruction is my boyfriend. I make out with death and I’m going steady with despair."
-Beyond Belief (via porn4smartgirls)

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